Care and Keeping of your Librarian Friends (Summer Edition)

It’s time for my annual PSA about the horrible blight in our communities known as Summer Reading. Please talk to your librarian friends if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Inability… Continue reading

Attention Seeking Post

Hello friends! Let’s chat. Every time celebrity suicides fill our news tickers we begin a conversation about mental health that we never finish. We lament the loss of such wonderful talent and exclaim the… Continue reading

Let the Nerds Light Your Way

When you start to feel blah, go hang out with other people that are passionate about the same stuff as you to remind you why you got into it in the first place. This works for me in my professional life as well as my roller derby life. 10/10 would recommend the investment in conferences and tournaments if you are able to afford them.

The Darkest Timeline

Well shit. It was a little painful rereading my last blog post. I was so naive and high on my own self-care regimen of yoga, mindfulness, and kicking ass at roller derby. The… Continue reading

You’re not my Supervisor

Without launching into a laborious recap of the past two years since I last blogged, I’ll give you the TLDR version. I’ve moved, then moved again (yes I realize the last post I… Continue reading

Owl Post: Gull Edition

This is my Sunday. Fortunately, I have a love affair with rain. I am a pluviophile, after all. When the bride wants to stay on the beach for her bachelorette weekend, you stay… Continue reading

Owl Post: Various Bedroom Pins

Sunday is by far my favorite day.  I prefer Sundays with no pre-existing plans, or at the very least, plans I made that weekend.  An ideal Sunday involves a good workout, a filling… Continue reading

Varsity Hues

Do you see this glorious oversized men’s varsity cardigan? DO YOU SEE IT?! It’s glorious. I got it yesterday for under ten dollars from some store that looks like Abercrombie, but somehow wasn’t… Continue reading

In limbo

Being at a crossroads is tough. You build up the inertia and get over the fear and throw yourself over an edge after careful deliberation and hope for the best. Usually, you hit… Continue reading

A place is a state of mind, right?

The name of this blog derives from a party my (newly) former roommate and I held in January 2011. It was a throwaway title in the event name field of a Facebook invite… Continue reading